Bridge Course For Ukraine Returnee Medicos At JSS From May 11

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The bridge course offered by JSS Medical College for Indian medical students, who came back home from Ukraine due to war with Russia and those who could not go back to China owing to COVID-19 outbreak, has received an overwhelming response.

All the 500 seats announced by the institution have been taken and 11 more have been added, taking the total to 511. The course will begin from May 11.

“Admissions have closed but we are getting continuous calls from students and parents who want to take up the bridge course but we are unable to accommodate them. In fact we can provide quality teaching for 511 students so that they can continue their disrupted studies,” said Dr. D. Sunil Kumar, Associate Professor of Community Medicine, JSS Medical College. “We are not assigning separate teaching faculty for them, but we are using the existing faculty to offer the bridge course,” he added. Interestingly, apart from Karnataka, students from Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat and other places have also evinced interest in the bridge course and have sought admission.