MUDA Evicts Illegal Occupant Of MIG House

Monday, January 3, 2022

Continuing its drive against unauthorised occupation of its houses and encroachment of its landed properties, MUDA authorities in an early morning operation on Friday evacuated a person who had illegally occupied an MIG house in Ramakrishnanagar I Block built by MUDA for economically weaker sections.

During the operation, it was discovered that Kumar Kranti, who had been unauthorisedly living in MIG House No.47/B at Ramakrishnanagar I Block for the past 15 years, had rented it out to one Raghu for a monthly rent of Rs. 8,000 on Oct.16, 2021, following which the house was evacuated, with the jurisdictional Saraswathipuram Police providing security.

Later, MUDA authorities took possession of the house and erected a nameboard mentioning that the property belonged to MUDA. The estimated value of the house is about Rs. 75 lakh.