Mysuru Police Brutality on a Minor


Friday, October 22, 2021

A minor was dragged to Police Station and man handled by Devaraja Traffic police today.  It happened today (21st of October) when he was riding pillion with his friend on a motor cycle. Devaraja traffic police stopped him near KR circle for not wearing helmet and fined the rider Rs. 1,000. At the same time, a constable had issue with another rider and he started abusing that rider. Minor started filming this incidence. Immediately 3 to 4 police personnel came, man handled the minor and dragged him to Deveraja Traffic Police station.  Even after minor telling the cops his age, they took him inside the station made him to sit on the floor. They treated him like a criminal. They did not let him call his father too. Cops had already seized his mobile. They used the minor's facial recognition to unlock the phone and deleted the video he had recorded. A constable grabbed him in his buttock (probably with a sexual intent) so badly that minor suffered injury near the waist from the constable's finger nails.